Welcome to our Mexico Adventure!

This is the post excerpt.

Hi! I was not going to do a blog, but many of you have actually requested it.  So, here it is.  I hope that I can change some minds about the immediate “Mexican” stereotype that I get 100% of the time.  To be perfectly honest, before we said “yes” to this adventure, Mexico City was not really on my radar.  At all.  Besides the beautiful beaches of Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallerta, which we have visited in the past, nothing inland has had my interest.  (well, until now, because we live here!)  I hope to explore some little towns along the way and really see the culture.  The people we have encountered have been very cordial and always speak a “hello” or “good day”.

I am on day #10, but who is counting?  So far, we don’t have our air shipment or any clue about when our ground shipment will be here.  I am really getting tired of the same clothes that I brought with me.  And, as an organizer, I would really like my stuff here and organized.  It wouldn’t hurt to also have some nice decor and make this condo “mine”.   Speaking of the condo, it is huge!  It is actually bigger than our home in Texas, but all on one floor.  We are in Tower A (torre A) and on the 3rd floor (301) of a condo-plex called Frondoso.  The amenities are amazing, and a bit like a resort.  There is a shuttle that takes you to the gym, indoor pool, or outdoor pool.  (with a restaurant and waterslide!)  To get into this place, there are 2 security checkpoints.  One about a mile back in the neighborhood, and one right before you get to the tall towering condos (A-F).  So, we feel really safe.

As a matter of fact, I have met a few friends already who have been here 3 years and they say we are really safe, even out in the city.  It is just like any other large city, be aware of your surroundings!  Chris drives himself to work and also feels safe.  I will be purchasing a car because I am not going to rely on taxis or Uber the whole time.  I need my independence.  🙂

I hired a maid through a service.  (The good ones are apparently hard to come by)  Alma brought Beatriz to our home and we had an interview, of sorts.  She doesn’t speak a word of English, so it is challenging for both of us!  Thank God for Google translate.  She will come 3 days a week and do the following: cleaning/laundry/dogs out/ ironing/cooking on Mondays!  Can I hear an “Amen?!”  She has been here 2 days and it has gone well both days.  I will keep you posted. So far, so good.  Yes, I can get used to that!  (she will also help me unpack if we ever get our stuff!)

Happy Sunday!  I will try to do a post every Sunday.  We will see how it goes! ADIOS!


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