Welcome to our Mexico Adventure!

This is the post excerpt.

Hi! I was not going to do a blog, but many of you have actually requested it.  So, here it is.  I hope that I can change some minds about the immediate “Mexican” stereotype that I get 100% of the time.  To be perfectly honest, before we said “yes” to this adventure, Mexico City was not really on my radar.  At all.  Besides the beautiful beaches of Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallerta, which we have visited in the past, nothing inland has had my interest.  (well, until now, because we live here!)  I hope to explore some little towns along the way and really see the culture.  The people we have encountered have been very cordial and always speak a “hello” or “good day”.

I am on day #10, but who is counting?  So far, we don’t have our air shipment or any clue about when our ground shipment will be here.  I am really getting tired of the same clothes that I brought with me.  And, as an organizer, I would really like my stuff here and organized.  It wouldn’t hurt to also have some nice decor and make this condo “mine”.   Speaking of the condo, it is huge!  It is actually bigger than our home in Texas, but all on one floor.  We are in Tower A (torre A) and on the 3rd floor (301) of a condo-plex called Frondoso.  The amenities are amazing, and a bit like a resort.  There is a shuttle that takes you to the gym, indoor pool, or outdoor pool.  (with a restaurant and waterslide!)  To get into this place, there are 2 security checkpoints.  One about a mile back in the neighborhood, and one right before you get to the tall towering condos (A-F).  So, we feel really safe.

As a matter of fact, I have met a few friends already who have been here 3 years and they say we are really safe, even out in the city.  It is just like any other large city, be aware of your surroundings!  Chris drives himself to work and also feels safe.  I will be purchasing a car because I am not going to rely on taxis or Uber the whole time.  I need my independence.  🙂

I hired a maid through a service.  (The good ones are apparently hard to come by)  Alma brought Beatriz to our home and we had an interview, of sorts.  She doesn’t speak a word of English, so it is challenging for both of us!  Thank God for Google translate.  She will come 3 days a week and do the following: cleaning/laundry/dogs out/ ironing/cooking on Mondays!  Can I hear an “Amen?!”  She has been here 2 days and it has gone well both days.  I will keep you posted. So far, so good.  Yes, I can get used to that!  (she will also help me unpack if we ever get our stuff!)

Happy Sunday!  I will try to do a post every Sunday.  We will see how it goes! ADIOS!


Blog Post 15—> Mexico in October

Wow, it is amazing that we are closing out October 2017.  It won’t be long until I will be chatting about Christmas.  October in Mexico City is pretty nice.  The rainy season is finally over!  (Insert super happy me!)  It is amazing that when the sunshine is out, everyone is happier, and, quite frankly, the city is more attractive. The sun doesn’t make it hot, like in Texas.  It just adds a little warmth after the morning chill.  We have been dressing like it is fall for a few months, and now it is perfectly appropriate to dress like fall!  Tall boots, scarves and pumpkin spice are the themes of October.

Halloween is tomorrow and Day of the Dead is November 1, which they celebrate from Nov 1-3.  They have had, and continue to have parades and festivities.  Chris gets Wednesday and Thursday off, and he took Friday off, and Ryan gets Thursday and Friday off.  A BIG deal, indeed.  We are still deciding if we are going to stay here for the weekend or try to make a quick trip to another Mexican mini-vacation.  We need to get on the ball!

Our condo units (5 tall buildings of approximately 36 units in each) had a giant Halloween festival on Friday night.  They had food, inflatables, a choo choo train, trampolines, a haunted house, and trick or treating door to door.  Unfortunately, we told them we wouldn’t be here after Ryan’s football games.  We made it back in time, but they just skipped us.  It was a little sad that our kiddos are too “old” to enjoy the festival.  Chris and I walked down to check it out.  Everyone was really decked out.  Parents, grandparents and of course the kids.  I am sure we stuck out….not only are we not Mexican, we were not dressed in our Halloween costumes.  Oops.

As Christians, it is a little tricky on how to handle the “Day of the Dead” holiday.  We do not believe that we need to pray for our deceased relatives, nor do we need to pray for them to come back and visit.   I am fine with remembering them, but am not big on having an alter, etc…., which is a huge part of the celebration. The skeleton face is associated with this holiday, and there are skulls everywhere!  There are skull candy, skull bread, skull clothes and skull decor.  The “elegant” skull is a woman dressed up like an upper-class female with a skull head.  “Catrina” figures are quite popular, as you see them everywhere. She is the “face” of the holiday.   Life is fun and full of strange traditions and beliefs.  We are just in the midst of it……because we live here!

I got a lot accomplished today.  I went out to run some errands.  First, I got gasoline in the car, which is super easy here, as they pump the gas for you.  Reminds me of the “good old days” in New Martinsville, WV.  As a child, we would go to Newman’s Exxon and they pumped the gas for you and cleaned the windshield.  Here, the only difference is, the gas attendants don’t know English, so I get to practice my Spanish skills.  I then made it to a mini-mall, that is built into the mountain.  (From the street, it just looks like a few stores, but once you get in, it is really deep, and there are many shops.) After parking, a man came and asked if he could wash my car, which needed it BADLY.  I said YES!  🙂  I paid him after I was done with everything.  It was 65 pesos!  (about $3 plus a small tip)

I took in an art piece that I purchased at a bazaar last week to get framed.  With help of Google translate, I got what I needed ordered—for a mere 155 pesos!  (That is about $8!)  *note to self—> framing is another thing to get done here!  It included the frame, the glass and the mat board. I then got a Starbucks drink and got a pedicure.  (2 very awesome parts of the day!)  After that, I went to Superama and got a few groceries.  I paid, took care of the parking ticket, which means going to a little kiosk and putting the ticket in, and then scanning my receipt.  I made the parking 10 pesos instead of 30.  (win!)  I then went to another kiosk to pay the parking ticket, walked with my groceries to my car, and then paid the car washing attendant.  This is why, once you get home in 1 piece, you are thankful that A. you survived B. you got what you needed and C. you feel accomplished.  I can maybe conquer the world…..today.  OR NOT, depending on how the day goes.  😉

Ryan is doing well in school, and even got an award for the 1st quarter.  He doesn’t really admit that he is doing well, because he SO misses his life and friends in Texas.  But, he really is making friends, liking football, and making good grades.  The teacher that gave him this “AB” award says that he is “very” well balanced and she thinks that he is really thriving here.  Wow.  I am super proud of him.  8th grade is a tough year to move, let alone to another country.  Most kids in his school have either been there since Kindergarten, or are used to moving every 2-3 years.  He hadn’t moved since right after kinder, so The Woodlands is really all he knows.  Somehow, by the grace of God, he is hanging in there!  We don’t know where we are going after this Mexico City adventure, so another transition is coming for him, and for me.

Hope you enjoy reading about daily life here.  Remember, our doors are open if you want to come and visit!

Buenes Tardes!



Blog Post 14—> Fun times with visitors!

Last Sunday, our first “official” visitors came and stayed for a week.  Chris’s parents flew in from Columbus, Ohio through Dallas, TX.  They had super flights and were ready to see Mexico City, and that, they did.  I think they were really surprised to see the size of our condo, and were impressed with the “en suite” that they had in their bedroom.  Al also took advantage of the gym, which is part of our amenities.  We really enjoyed showing them around.

The first fun activity that we did was the turi-bus, through Mexico City.  It is a double decker bus that has an English version of what you are seeing, or driving around.  This was my first time on it, and it was quite informational.  We rode for 3 hours, which was only the “main” line.  There are 4 other bus routes that you can get on, but we saved those for another time.

On Wednesday, we drove on a day trip to Taxco, Guerrero, which is one of the nine magical cities near Mexico City.  It is one of the oldest mining towns in the Americas and is recognized worldwide for its great production of silver.  Shopping was on the agenda, so my mother in law was in 7th heaven!  To get to the main square, we had to walk up multiple cobblestone streets (hills), but once we got to the top where the church was, the view was spectacular.  You could instantly tell that it is a tourist town, because there were many people selling their hats, trinkets, and goodies in the street.  We also went down into an old mine that they recently (within the last 20 years) found.  It is under an existing hotel that Chris had stayed in before.  They took us down and we got a private tour that was really interesting. This has only been open to the public for 3 years.

Thursday, I had set up a 3 hour tour of the Anthropology Museum, which is the largest, and most visited museum in Mexico. The tour guide, named Lynda, is an excellent historian and filled us with many facts and kept it quite fun.  From there, we drove to Teotihuacan Pyramids and ate lunch inside of a cave.  One of the “coolest” lunches ever!

We then proceeded to walk up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.  It is the highest of the three pyramids at this location.  It is REALLY high, especially once you start climbing the steps.  I was thankful for the handrail.  The other thing you don’t realize until you are heading up is that the stones are really far apart.  (not your normal sized step!)  I got a workout for sure! Again, the local people were really trying hard to sell us trinkets, jewelry and blankets.  They were quite persistent!

That concluded a very long, but productive day.  On Friday, Chris had to work, so I took Sue to Costco, which is exactly like an American Costco.  In the afternoon, we had to go to Ryan’s school to pick him up from his week long “8th grade camp”.  Every grade goes away for a week for activities and such.  His big take away was that he “learned more Spanish in the last week than the last 3 months.”  That is called IMMERSION!  Even though his school is taught in English, the “social” language is Spanish.

This week has flown by, which is great, because we head to the USA tomorrow! (insert super happy dancing animal!!)   We are flying to Houston and then attending the WVU-Baylor football game on Saturday night.  My girls are flying down from WV and meeting us in Houston. I am super excited to see them 🙂  Julie turned 21 this week, so we will also try to celebrate her birthday.  It will be a whirlwind, but it will be super fun!

I hope you enjoy this small snapshot of our lives here in Mexico. If you are thinking about visiting, start planning now! 🙂



Blog Post 13—-> The adventure continues…

We live in Mexico.  I sometimes have to pinch myself to see if it is real.  Chris just had his 1 year anniversary here, and it has gone by so fast. He was told 2-3 years, but has already hired his replacement and is training him.  So, in theory, we would most likely move back “somewhere” next summer.  Chris would then join us early fall.  Although I try to control these things, and would LOVE to know the future, it doesn’t seem to work that way.  No executive has ever called to interview me and ask MY opinion of where my husband should work.  (what a super idea!!) For now, I am (TRYING to) go with the flow, meeting amazing people and keeping busy.  I have only been here a few months and sometimes have too many choices for a particular day.  Crazy how fast that happened.

Last Saturday, we went to see The Lion King, or El Rey Lion on broadway here in CDMX.  It was fabulous!  Yes, it was in Spanish, but, luckily, I know the story and all of the songs.  The costumes were spectacular, and the music was superb.  I especially enjoyed watching the percussion that were placed up high on both sides. They were all accessories like bongos, triangles and bells.  I hope we get to see more shows while we live in the city.  I am a sucker for a good musical!

On Tuesday, I had my first “car” incident.  I busted my front right tire.  Although it was not a fun time, the way it happened was a God thing.  It happened just as I pulled into the apartment where I was attending my cooking class.  (yes, the same place I was for the earthquake!!)  So, the security guards were extremely helpful and would have changed it for me right there, but we couldn’t find the “special” key to take the tire off of the car.  I had the spare, and all of the accessories, but not the key.  I then had my bi-lingual friend come and help me speak with the men.  (extremely helpful!)  We then spent most of the afternoon calling the dealership, the insurance and the dealership again.  The insurance people sent someone to take care of it, but the guy didn’t get the important message that I did NOT have the key.  (2 hours later, we were at square one.) My friend Patty said, “Welcome to Mexico”.  Sarcastically.   Eventually, they sent a tow truck and we ended up at the Ford dealership, where I met my husband.  After about an hour, they spoke to us and said it would be ready in a day or two.  This is quite typical.  A simple phone call in the USA would have solved the problem, but here, everything is an ordeal.

And, while I don’t have a car, I am back to using Uber. Honestly, I am still quite happy with it.  The problem is that there are 2 entrances to our neighborhood, both secured with guards.  The “back” way is a lot closer to our condo, but they don’t allow Uber and taxi drivers in.  Unfortunately, the WAZE app doesn’t know this and they always try to get in at the wrong entrance.   We then have to drive around to the primary entrance, where there is a line and it takes about 15 extra minutes.  I try to explain this, but they are usually already on the path to the wrong entrance.  Fun times.

So, today I took an Uber to and from Bible Study.  I needed to get back in a timely manner because a TV that we purchased was to be delivered between 1-5, additionally, the dogs were getting groomed from 2-6.  (They have a mobile groomer that has worked really well in the past.)  So, I got home and waited.  And waited.  Guess what?  No one showed, including the groomer.  I finally texted the owner and she apologized that the stylist was fired and that they could not come today.  We have heard nothing regarding the delivery of the TV.  Ugh. I know that delivery issues happen in every company, but it just isn’t as easy as picking up the phone and asking a question.  Spanish would be an awesome language to be fluent in….especially now!

Speaking of, I had another lesson yesterday. We had a little break because of the earthquake and a conflict last week.  I really like my teacher, and I really like it when we just chit chat and speak English!  🙂

Chris’s parents are coming on Sunday afternoon for a week.  It should be really fun, our first official visitors!   We will be visiting some places I have been and some I have not yet made it to.  I will take a lot of photos and post next time.

Take care!  Please continue to pray for us, as Ryan and I are still adjusting.  It is a foreign country and the culture is very different.  We are hanging in there, but every day is a new adventure.


Blog Post #12—> Living in The Ring of Fire

Take 2.  I wrote this last night, DIDN’T publish it, and somehow it was gone this morning.  So, I will recount and highlight the past two weeks.  We went on our amazing Costa Rica trip over the weekend of September 14.  Chris, Ryan and I had a spectacular time and enjoyed the jungle animals, zip lining, a boat ride and the waterfalls.  It was not a typical “Tina” vacation, where I lay in the sun and chill.  It was an adventure!  At the zip line venue, we had to climb vertical ladders to get to some of the platforms, and occasionally had to climb from tree to tree (on ladders).  I have zip-lined before and this wasn’t the case.  We were hot and sweaty even before the climbing began.  The water after we were done was pure bliss on our lips. Even though I am complaining a bit, the scenery was awesome and we saw monkeys in the trees just above our heads!  How cool is that?  The second day, we visited native animals and then walked many many steps up (and down) to see the three giant waterfalls at La Paz Waterfall Gardens.  In other words, we got our steps in while enjoying these awesome views.  We all really enjoyed the Marriott resort in San Jose.  We are thankful that we had friends who recommended this trip.  I would love to go back and check out the beaches. Maybe someday??

So, we returned to Mexico City on September 17, as Chris needed to go to work on the 18th.  Ryan had that Monday off because the school extended the holiday weekend with an administrative day.  So, Tuesday, September 19, all was “back to normal” until 1pm.  I had gone to my exercise class and had driven to my cooking class for my “regular” Tuesday fun that started at 11am.  Then….

As the 6 of us were just about to sit down and eat our food that we prepared, a friend said, “Did you feel that?” Before any of us could really respond, the whole building began to shake.  We honestly didn’t know what to do.  I had read to get by a big piece of furniture because if the building collapses, there will be a “triangle of life” for you to breathe and be saved.  BUT, I have since learned that that only works with drywall construction, not the concrete that is used here.  Basically, if the building falls, the floors will line up like pancakes.  YIKES!  Not good.  Lesson learned.  So, as the building was shaking and the 5 foot chandelier was moving side to side, I looked out a giant window onto the terrace of the 2nd floor condo. What I saw will never leave my mind.  I saw a 15 story building moving side to side.  I know that they are designed to move, but seeing it almost felt surreal.  Beyond the tree line, beside that building, we heard a big “boom” and I saw a plume of black smoke.  It was extremely scary.  I have never been to war, but it felt a bit like that.  You have no control of what will explode, or how long the disaster will last.  I still don’t know what the smoke was all about.  But it was too close for comfort, for sure.

Obviously, the building we were in did not fall. I was in the Bosques area, which is about 5 miles from the devastation and about 5 miles from where we live.  After the shaking was over, we then decided to go outside, where many people had already congregated.  I had already heard from Chris that he was OK, but hadn’t learned of the school yet, where Ryan was.  The phones then all were useless.  The system was too overwhelmed, so our phones were out of service for a bit.  Eventually, we found out that the students and staff were safe.  I am so very thankful that I was with some new friends.  It was very scary and “misery loves company”.  😦

After I got back home, I gave my dogs hugs and they seemed completely at ease.  I looked around the condo and saw many cracks, almost in every room.  Later in the day someone came and checked it out and says that structurally, we are OK, but there are many areas that need fixed.   It still amazes me that we live in “The Ring of Fire” and we have actually experienced 2 earthquakes.  Now that I have experienced these, I will say that the first really wasn’t “so bad”.  Just a little bed shake!

After the quake, there was no school the rest of the week, and my kiddo and I headed to the USA.  Since Houston is a quick, non-stop and relatively inexpensive flight, we purchased the tickets on Wednesday and left on Thursday.  We had a wonderful time visiting friends, eating and shopping.  We returned to CDMX on Sunday, and he did not return to school until Tuesday!  The aftermath is still pretty bad.  There are teachers displaced and there are still many people homeless and hungry.  It is amazing what the people are doing for each other.  I know people who were actually pulling people out of buildings!

We are thankful to be safe and alive.  Thanks for all of the well wishes.  We are “back to normal” and praying that no more “sizmos” come here!!

God Bless!


PHOTOS from above:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. The building I saw MOVING!
  3. Cracks in our hallway
  4. Debris from the building I was in (ground floor as we were walking out)

Blog Post #11–Say yes to travel!

Yippee!  One of the best parts of being an ex-pat in another country is having more money to travel.  The company helps with housing, schooling, provides 1 car, and, as any ex-pat can tell you, it is NOT “real life”.  It was one of the reasons we decided to take on this endeavor.  Living in Germany from 2001-2004 was our first experience with this.  It is way more fun and free than living in the rat race.  (sorry, but true!)  There are difficulties, and yes, it can be very frustrating at times, but living in a foreign country is an adventure and it CAN be fun. Knowing it is temporary is nice, too.

So, tomorrow we are flying to Costa Rica for a few days.  Unfortunately, the girls aren’t here for this trip, but Chris, Ryan and I are going to enjoy it.  We still need to explore Mexico, but I found this trip and couldn’t pass it up.  Our friends did this trip September of 2016 and they really enjoyed it.  We are copying it over the Mexican Independence holiday, which is also my birthday!  Ryan has Friday and Monday off, so this is just a long weekend.  We have (1) excursion planned and another day to fill.  I am hoping to speak to the people and find out the best places to go.  Hopefully, I will have some fabulous photos for you.

So, I felt my first earthquake!  YIKES!  6 days ago, right at 12 midnight I heard some noises, which I thought was my son coming into our bathroom.  It sounded like a door shutting and then some footsteps.  In my  mind, I honestly thought, “I hope he isn’t sick.”  Well, as that was going through my mind, my hubby says, “Did you feel that?” About that time, the bed began to shake and I was in shock.  Chris went to get Ryan and I said, “He is in the bathroom.”  Chris says, “No he isn’t.” So I realize what I had heard was the earth cracking!!

We got up and stood in the doorway of the bedroom, where my husband told us to go.  It was over quite quickly after that.  My heart rate was up and my belly did a little flip.  I was a bit “shaken” up.  (see what I did there?!)  The next day……I read  “If you want to make sure you die in an earthquake, stand under a doorway!”  We got a laugh out of that.  Thanks, Chris, I guess you were just assuring our deaths??!

I am quite thankful that we are only on the 3rd floor.  We have friends that live on the 17th and 18th floor and they felt motion sickness!  They also felt the whole building moving back and forth.  (We did too, but not like THAT!)

I have met a few new people this week and have had a lot going on.  I am still going to the gym regularly and going to that “hell” class early Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  It is very hard, but I feel like I do a bit better every time.  I most likely erased my hard work today by eating a piece of Domino’s pizza.  IT was heavenly!  (our first here)

Take care!  In my spanish class today, I learned a few new words.  See below.

Quero ir a volar en tirolesa!  (I want to fly on the zip line.)

Buenas noches!


Blog Post #10–> 10 posts already?

Time flies when you are having fun? I will have to agree, time is flying.  I am keeping myself busy every day and it is helping a lot.  It is already September 6.  My in-laws are coming in October, and I remember saying “I have no idea what to do with them”.  But, now I do.  In a quick 3 months, with summer travels thrown in there, I have a bit more knowledge than I anticipated! Ryan is in his school schedule and seems to be getting very good grades.  He also goes to football practice after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Although he talks about Texas every day, I think he is doing pretty well.

I’ve been driving much more and am doing well.  I just have to be patient, yet pushy.  (strange combo, but it works!) Last Thursday was the first time I went to the church alone for Bible Study.  It is across the street from Ryan’s school, and I went to the school for a meeting on Monday.  So I have done it 2 times with no major problems.  The first time I truly felt like I had climbed a giant mountain, or completed an Ironman!  It was just the best feeling knowing that I made it back to the area that I know, called Lomas.  I was still 10 min from the condo, and I was doing a happy dance, because I KNEW where I was in this city!  I met some really nice people at the church and am looking forward to going again tomorrow.  Thursdays- check.

My cooking class is super fun!  I have gone 2 times and we have really cooked some delicious meals.  (We start with all ingredients and then eat when it is prepared).  My “teacher” is Eli, pronounced Ellie.  (I think she is Mexican, but lived in Israel for a while) How I got invited was through the 2 ladies that live in Frondoso that are American.  (Dana and Dani) They have done numerous classes and invited me.  Thanks gals, you are the best!!  Tuesdays- check.

The past few Fridays, I have taken an uber downtown to Polonco, to meet some ladies (most with the US Embassy) for lunch.  It has been a real treat to visit, meet people and drink a bit of wine!   The weather is usually nice and we sit outside. Polanco is a very trendy, expensive area of town, and parking would be rough, so I have just decided to uber.  A little less stressful, especially for a Friday in Mexico City.  Fridays- check.

See, the week is filling up!

I have been going to the gym every day.  I either hit the Zumba class or the boot camp class.  (that is what I call it, they call it functional exercise?)  It is very hard core, and I am usually dead after about 15 minutes, of a 60 minute class.  I call it “death by Samuel”, as he is the instructor! Back at it at 7am tomorrow.  Usually, Chris and I go up to the gym Saturday morning and I take Sunday off.  I am feeling stronger and am really happy that we got a condo with such awesome amenities.

I know I should “100%” be all in with the Spanish speaking culture, but I am SO thankful that Chris and I decided to get the Sling Box!  We have cable in WV that we pay for and it slings it down here.  College football season is here and I will be catching the big games, and some not so big games!  Football is my favorite sport and I am super happy for the little things—like US TV!!

Mexico is REALLY getting excited for their Independence Day, which is September 15.  (A great day–my birthday!)  They decorate, and are selling flags, costumes, decor and more red, white and green decor!  It is on the streets, at Walmart and in every grocery store! Here is a photo of the local fire department.  Just an example of the Mexican pride around here.  As you can see, it was a gloomy day when I took this photo.  I will try to remember to take more photos, because it is quite a “big deal” here.


So, I guess I should go cook some dinner for the kiddo and my hubby!  Have a great day!


Blog Post #9—Mexico City is growing on me!

Hi!  First, I just want to say “Texas, I love you and Harvey, enough is enough”.  We have lived in the Houston area for a total of 9 years, and I am quite glad I am not there at this moment.  BUT, we have MANY MANY friends that are having a very rough time.  Water in their homes and cars, having to evacuate, and really dealing with a lot of stress.  Along with that, the forecast is calling for over a foot more of rain.  Our home (35 miles north of the city) is OK for now, but I don’t feel like we are 100% out of the woods yet.  Praying for our neighborhood, and our renters.  They just moved from New Jersey–I bet they are really shocked by all of this.  (As the rest of the Houston area!).  I pray that no more lives are lost, and that the “things” that are lost can be replaced.

Today was a successful day.  I had asked for lab work from my English speaking doctor and I got the order.  I got up early today and went to get the labs drawn.  I registered in Spanish, and did pretty well.  (It was the first time I remembered my address without looking!)  I call that MAJOR success!  They drew the blood and I made it home by 7:45.  I went to Zumba class from 9-10 and then Spanish class from 1-3.  I am happily sitting in the office at the moment and feel quite proud.  Every new day is an adventure, but I am getting used to the way things look and the way people talk, interact and drive.

So, I finally figured out how to attach photos!  See below!  The last time I flew into Mexico City or CDMX for short, I took these photos.  If you have never seen this sight, it is something you couldn’t imagine.  22 million people live here and from the sky, it looks like it.  Not a lot of green space, for sure.  When I realize where we live, it is a nice feeling knowing that the grounds are always kept up and the dogs do enjoy the grass.  (Although we still have to go down the elevator and take them out!) It is a safe location outside of the city, but yet close enough to the attractions. We are getting our first visitors in October, so we will be hitting all of the historic locations!  For those of you reading this, remember you are welcome to come and visit!!  🙂

Tomorrow, I am going to cooking classes!  I am going with a few of my friends I have met here in Frondoso (our condos).  They have done it before and they say it is fun.  I’m up for anything, so why not?  If I learn a thing or 2, even better! I will keep you posted.  I am also going to go to a women’s bible study starting every Thursday morning.  We are really loving our new church.  (We have switched from Union to Capital City) At Capital City, there is a youth program and it also has many more American families. 🙂  God is good in any language and it is awesome worshiping with people from around the world!

I will leave you with one of my amazing sentences I made today in Spanish class: IMG_8986Yo he bebido un cafe mientras estudiaba! (I had a drink of coffee while studying!)  And that is my kitchen.  I didn’t mean for it to be right in the middle of this paragraph!  UGH–me and technology are not a match made in heaven.